Case Studies

Case Studies

Here you can view the different stages of installation for the various systems we design and fit. This includes domestic and commercial solar PV, air and ground source heat pumps and other renewable energy technologies.

Case Studies

Dr. Ahmed

2Case Study: Dr. Ahmed

Contacting us via Trust a Trader, Dr. Ahmed was one of Green Pulse Energy’s last customers of 2014. In fact, the picture on the left was taken as the sun was setting on Christmas Eve.

Scope of Works

Wanting the standard 4Kw system, we were able to provide just the system. The array comprised of Seraphim Mono panels, some of the best on the market and a Solis inverter which again is one of the top bit of equipment.

Being so late to Christmas, the job wasn’t as straight forward as our typical Solar PV installs.

Complications and Solutions

Having such a restricted and limited time frame to complete the job meant every member of staff involved in this particular job had to be attentive and on top form. From back office staff to energy assessors to the installer, everyone worked swiftly but effectively to complete every aspect of the job. Often every aspect, other than the fitting of the system, is overlooked. We had to design, supply and install the system within a very quick turnaround, where usually we would have time between each process. What’s more, all paperwork had to be completed in half the time that’s usually allocated.

The second challenge we faced was the imminent reduction in the FiT (feed in tariff). With this in mind of us as a company and the customer alike, we once again had to work without pause. With the estimated payback time figures worked out on the higher FiT payment it was imperative we worked with the customer to commission the array as soon as the system was up and working.

End Result

We worked efficiently in the strict timeframe ensuring every task needed to complete the install was finished on time. What’s more, because we completed the install of Dr Ahmed’s solar system on time, he was able to receive the higher FiT rate.

Dr. Rajagopal

Case Study: Dr. Gopal

Once again our trust a trader listing put us in contact with a customer looking to save money through Solar PV.

Scope of Works

After carrying out one of our free energy assessments for Dr Gopal we used the data found to determine that a 4kW solar PV system would work best.

Because works were scheduled for December 2014 we had a limited timeframe in order to obtain the pre 2015 drop feed in tariff rate.

Complications and Solutions

After having this situation occur on other Solar PV installations the Green Pulse Energy team were well averse to working against the clock. To this extent the complication of restricted time was easily handled and both installation and paperwork were completed well before the end of the year.

Because of the hard work put in by our assessment, installation and back office teams Dr Gopal was able to enjoy solar generated electricity and an excellent feed in tariff rate in time for the New Year.

End Result

We were able to deliver Dr Gopal with a solar array in good time and now we can proudly say we’ve helped another household save money on their energy bills and help to reduce their carbon footprint.

Mr. Antony Smith

Case Study: Mr. Antony Smith

Mr. Smith contacted us in late February in hopes of having Solar PV installed and even bigger hopes of saving money in the process.

IMG_20150325_102536Scope of Works

As with a lot of customers that come to us, Mr. Smith was no different in that he wanted to shop around before committing to a purchase. This is something we of course recommend. However, with our extensive pre sales activity and impartial advice we were Mr. Smith’s final choice to supply and install a solar system.


Mr. Smith also wanted to save money on his other energy bills leading us to introduce him to the Green Pulse iEnergy system. This system fits onto your consumer unit and essentially diverts any excess electricity your solar panels produce that would otherwise be exported back to the grid and uses it to heat your hot water.


Complications and Solutions

Unlike most of our installs, where an array is split as equally as possible between the front and back of the roof, Mr. Smith wanted all of his panels on the back of his roof. This meant that before we proceeded with the install that we take extra measures to ensure the roof could take all of the weight of the system on just the one side.


Once we were certain the roof was able to take the weight of the system our installation team worked with complete precision and pin-point accuracy to ensure all the panels fitted on the same side.


End Result

Of course, our installation team worked wonders, as usual, to produce a very neat and tidy looking Solar PV system which Mr. Smith is now using to save significant amounts on his electricity bill and he’s even enjoying gallons of free hot water thanks to the Green Pulse iEnergy.

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