Hybrid Air to Water Heat Pumps

Enjoy Low Energy Bills With Comfort Of Existing Boiler

What Is A Hybrid Heat Pump:- 

  • A renewable heat pump that works alongside your existing central heating system

  • So you retain the familiarity of your current heating system

  • But enjoy the massive savings and other benefits of renewable heating

  • A hybrid system provides your heating/hot water needs

  • Only when the temperature drops below -2° does your existing boiler step in.

  • You also receive government incentive paybacks from the RHI scheme worth £700-£1400 a year

  • See our blog (here) for more information 


Savings You Make

A Hybrid System:-

  • Works for 95% of the time

  • At a 35% more efficient rate compared to traditional space heating systems

  • Because it works alongside with your existing central heating system so there’s no need to replace your radiators

  • Whats more its compact build means you save space on the installation.

  • Earns you an RHI government incentive

RHI - A Government Incentive That Gives You An Income

Explore the Government Incentive

% Heat Supplied From Each Source

Hybrid Heat Supplied 95%
Boiler Heat Supplied 5%

The Expense Of Traditional Heating Is Rising

Traditional Heating Costs



  • Earn RHI income from £700 – £1400 a year for 7 years

  • Comfort of existing central heating system

  • Compact Build

  • Minimal Maintenance – One Clean From  A Specialist A Year

  • Lower energy bills

  • Lower carbon emissions

  • Energy independence

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