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Latest News

  • Students develop ‘smart’ solar window

    Solar Windows
    Seeing the future A team of eight students from the US are at the helm of a project that could revolutionise the future of windows. Here at Green Pulse Energy, we are at the forefront of the global renewable energy industry and consistently looking at new revolutionary products. In a crucial step toward carbon-neutral buildings and communities, [...]
  • Heatwave Sends Solar PV Generation Soaring

    Solar Generation Set to Soar with UK Heatwave Here at Green Pulse Energy we love the sun! Reason being - the more sun, the more our customers generate from their Solar PV.   The current heat wave that is sending temperatures soaring as high as 35c in Essex this week will have a significant impact on Solar PV [...]
  • New Wind Turbine Generates Electricity Without Rotating Blades

    Bladeless Efficient Wind Turbine This new wind turbine wobbles elegantly in the wind, generating electricity without rotating blades. “It looks like asparagus,” says David Suriol, one of the founders. A Spanish company called Vortex Bladeless has produced a wind turbine that takes advantage of the vortices produced when wind moves around an obstacle. How Does [...]
  • New Solar Dish Technology Is Unveiled

    solar dish
    Dishing Out Solar Energy A new type of solar technology, boasting much higher rates of efficiency than the traditional solar panels, has been unveiled and tested, producing some promising results. The massive project, residing in South Africa’s Kalahari desert, may resemble something from a Sci-Fi movie but the intricate design has fielded a much needed [...]
  • Tesla’s New Storage and Battery System Storms the World

    Tesla Motors Inc. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk Unveils New Generation Of Batteries
    The Powerwall by Tesla Over the past few weeks Tesla, renowned for their stylish and sought after cars, have revealed their first steps into the world of energy and storage. And what big steps they are. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been at the forefront of the unveiling for his company's new battery/storage systems, the [...]
  • No More Diesel

    The supreme court
    Time To Take Action The U.K. Supreme Courts have issued the government with rulings that they must take urgent steps in order to reduce air pollution in cities and congested areas. With the increase in air pollution resulting in a higher rate of respiratory afflictions and a much more damaging effect on a high number [...]
  • Renewable Energy Looks To Takeover From Fossil Fuels

    "The question is no longer if the world will transition to cleaner energy, but how long it will take." - Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit. 'The Beginning of The End' In recent weeks the energy market has seen a massive shift in support of replacing fossil fuels as our main source of power with renewable energy; [...]
  • Labour Crowdsourcing Would Fund School Rooftop Solar PV Systems

    solar panels to roof area (1)
    Earlier this month Labopur revealed plans that would use crowdsourcing to fund and support rooftop solar panel systems for schools. It is in a bid to lower carbon emissions throughout Essex and the rest of the U.K. and to raise awareness of sustainable energy. Currently, in the Greater London area, only 1 in 15 schools [...]
  • Spain Go Big On Renewable Electricity

    Very recently we reported on the incredible milestone Costa Rica reached when they managed to supply the populations electricity needs for three months with only renewable hydroelectricity. Well, not long after Spain were able to supply a massive 47% of their electricity in March through renewable energy. Whats more, in total 69% of their electricity [...]
  • Solar Swimming Pool

    We're very pleased to announce our first ever liquid solar install at a local community pool. It went swimmingly and works to generate free usable electricity for the owners. The solar tech replaces around 10% of water in the pool and due to it's liquid state it doesn't need to be removed to swim in. [...]
  • Costa Rica goes Fossil Fuel Free

    Costa Rica 4
    Since December 2014 the population of Costa Rica has relied wholly on renewable energy sources to provide their electricity; all in attempt to further their goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2021. Costa Rica is renowned for their very economical and environmentally friendly stance on energy consumption and electricity infrastructures. In fact the World Economic [...]
  • We’re in the Essex Chronicle paper

    Following on from our blog about the growing Essex Digital Awards. Here's the feature in the Essex Chronicle yesterday. The piece covers how the awards are, for the first time, to include the recognition of talents within local schools. It also details all the new and exciting categories and finalists - including Green Pulse Energy. We're [...]
  • Essex Digital Awards – Green Pulse Energy Make The Finals

    After the phenomenal success of the Essex Digital Awards in 2014; this year’s awards, in conjunction with the Essex Chronicle, look to surpass that success and reach even bigger and better things. The Green Pulse Energy team are delighted to not only to be a finalist in the awards but to be a part of [...]
  • Myths and Facts of Solar PV

    Myths Vs Facts
    Solar PV technology has increased in popularity over the past few years and by no means does it show any sign of stopping. There are still, however, a lot of myths regarding solar floating about.  We're here to try and debunk some of these myths so you know just what Solar PV is. MYTH 1 [...]
  • Point-To-Point – A Look Back At A Great Day

    point 2 point
    The Green Pulse Energy Team recently exhibited at Marks Tey Point-to-Point, where despite some choppy winds, we had a great time meeting and chatting with some of the local farm owners and race fans. If you were there then hopefully you managed to get down, catch a glimpse of the stand and meet with some [...]
  • Large Lagoon Power Planning

    lagoon 1
    Lagoons Would See A Surge In Tidal Power Being an island the U.K has one source of power that is predictable, easy enough to harness and in an essentially limitless supply namely, tidal power. Whilst tidal power has been touched upon before there has never been something quite like the proposed plans for lagoon power [...]
  • Fitting Your Own Loft Insulation – A DIY Guide By Green Pulse Energy

    Fitting 270mm loft insulation could save you around £150 a year on your energy bills if you live in a semi-detached house. If you live in a detached house you could save upwards of £200 a year. Here’s what you’ll need: - Protective Gear:- Gloves – to protect against irritation that could be caused by [...]
  • Hybrid Heat Pump Technology – Convenient Money Saving

    Over the course of the past year renewable heat pump technology has risen in popularity with Essex and the rest of the U.K. Along with this the RHI tariff that was introduced by the U.K. government as an incentive for property owners to install heat pump tech has become evermore recognised. Enjoy Cheap Energy Alongside [...]
  • Solar Power Near Doubles

    Solar Power On All Time High Over the course of 2014, solar power has seen a significant increase in popularity throughout Essex and other parts of the UK. Now more homeowners, agricultural/farm owners and commercial property owners than ever are enjoying the vast benefits of solar panel electricity in the U.K. Over the course of [...]
  • Commercial lighting doesn’t have to be boring or energy inefficient (Guest Blog)

    Out With The Old.... A trip up the Shard in central London last week made something strike home to me. It was 5pm on a Saturday evening but yet all the office buildings on the other side of the river were lit (with no-one in) all with the same style of lighting – florescent tubes [...]
  • So, What Happens When A Geek Goes Green? (Guest Blog)

    Well that’s exactly what I (aka the Geek) want to find out! I love technology and over my lifetime (25 years, alright 35 years, haha), I have seen it creep into every aspect of daily life. But lately and unlike technology of old, it has become more user friendly and of course greener – which [...]
  • The Importance of Trusted Trade Directories

    All too often we hear unfortunate stories of consumers being hit by rogue traders and builders and more often than not these rogues build a bad reputation for the rest of the industry. At Green Pulse Energy we realise the importance of trust between company and customer and have an array of accreditations to support [...]
  • Small Energy Companies Impress Homeowners

    Smaller Energy Companies Trump Big Six.   With the New Year now in full swing and the routine of life returning to its ‘normal’ state, it’s the perfect time to start afresh. One of the ways in which the U.K energy industry has changed is the reactions that consumers have towards the energy companies. Smaller [...]
  • Save Money By Switching

    Did you know that over 75% of households could save money simply by switching their energy supplier? If you’ve never switched your gas or electricity supplier, then you will almost certainly save money on your energy bills by moving to a different supplier.
  • FIT and RHI Updates – Effective from January 2015

    Since the beginning of the year changes to both the Feed in Tariff (FIT) and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) have been implemented. These changes stipulate the new pay back rates for any system that qualifies under either scheme. The new FIT rate stands at 13.88p per KWH (Killa Watt Hour(s)) for any property with [...]
  • Saving Money and Energy this Christmas

    For most of us, Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year – but also one of the most expensive. It’s no secret that we probably all spend a bit too much around the festive season but there are ways you can save money here and there over the coming weeks. Christmas [...]
  • 20 Years – Solar Panels Still Work at 95% Efficiency

    Within the last few years the boom in Solar PV has been phenomenal and recent research figures have shown that the price of solar energy is to beat the wholesale cost of fossil fuels within the next few decades if not years. With most arrays having 20 year long guarantees, its unsurprising that the increased [...]
  • The Green Deal Scheme

    Within the renewable energy sector there are so many different bodies and regulators who ensure that you are getting the best services and products possible so you have peace of mind that your systems will perform to the expected standard. It is part of our job as a renewable energy provider to adhere to the [...]
  • Renewable Storage

    Many people believe that by 2050 the world could be running on 95% renewable energy and that after that it’s only a matter of time before fossil fuels are eradicated from our cities and lifestyle completely. However, the biggest hindrance of renewable thus far is the lack of storage facilities and technologies.   Whilst there [...]
  • Why Renewables Are So Important

    As the renewable energy specialists of Essex, Green Pulse Energy knows the ins and outs of renewables market/industry and why it’s so vital in today’s climate. However, we’re aware that the general public are often left out of the loop when it comes to clean, renewable energy. That’s why we’ve put together a crash course [...]
  • Impure Silicon Used to Produce Solar Cells

    For over 40 years the conventional way of creating efficient solar cells has been through the use of pure silicon. What’s more the process of acquiring pure silicon is both lengthy and costly but up until recently there has been no effective alternative.         New Technology Researchers at the Norwegian University of [...]
  • Solar Farms Aren’t Just For Solar Panels

    Green Pulse Energy have been closely following the recent surge in solar farms not just in the U.K but around the world and, as expected, new ways to advance upon the benefits of solar farms are always being introduced. And with the recent events revolving around whether solar farms impact on food production, we thought [...]
  • Benefits of Solar PV Maintenance

    The one goal that we have at Green Pulse Energy is to save you as much money on your energy bills as possible and one of the biggest ways you could do this is by installing Solar PV.   However, our services and advice simply don’t stop after an installation; we know it is vital [...]
  • 10 Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps

    Green Pulse Energy design, install and maintain renewable energy systems for both domestic and commercial buildings. The Essex team also offer a FREE Energy Assessment where an assessor will suggest ways in which your home or business could be more energy efficient.   A while back we released ten reasons to go solar. Well, now [...]
  • Maximising Roof Space

    Here at Green Pulse Energy we get a lot of questions from customers asking whether having a small roof is still suitable for solar panels.   In short, the answer we give them is: Yes, we can design a system to fit your roof so you can enjoy all the benefits of Solar PV.   [...]
  • 5 Places to Charge Your EV Around Essex and More

    BMW i3 - Helps Increase Market Since the unavailing of the BMW i3 at the Frankfurt Motor show in November 2013 the interest in electric vehicles has further risen.   In fact, the sales of electric and hybrid cars has risen by a staggering 30% from 2013 September - 2014 September.   This now means that [...]
  • Keep Warm This Winter For Less

    With the cold weather starting to set in and winter fast approaching the team at Green Pulse Energy have been thinking of ways to keep warm in the winter. We have a variety of tips and tricks that will help you and your home warm without having to spend a fortune. So, without further ado, [...]
  • Solar Powered Chocolate

    Like so many companies and commodities around the world, Mars Chocolate has hopped on the solar trend aiming to run their factories on clean energy. Yeah, sorry to say, but this story isn't as Willy-Wonka as the title suggests. I know, we were disappointed to. Glossing over the dashed hopes that I’m sure many of [...]
  • Floating Solar

    Here, at Green Pulse Energy, we’re always looking for the newest and the most marvelous of solar projects from all over the globe. Today we've found one from our very own country.   It’s finally here; floating solar panels has now come to fruition. Since the invention of solar panels, the energy of the sun [...]
  • Heart Shaped Solar Farm

    Early next year 750 French homes are to be powered by a heart shaped solar panel plant in the Pacific island of New Caledonia. Inspired by the ‘Coeur de Voh’, a natural heart formation of wild mangrove vegetation nearby; the install company has strived to make solar beautiful by mimicking the heart shape of the [...]
  • MCS Accreditation

    Today marks a special day for us at Green Pulse Energy. After weeks upon weeks of hard work, mountains of paper work, a lot of training and finally a thorough accreditation assessment by Benchmark Certification; we can proudly say we have fully achieved MCS Accreditation for Solar PV.   With this, we are now one [...]
  • Solar Industry to Create Jobs and Billions for U.K Economy

    UK Solar Farms_main
    Green Pulse Energy design, supply and install Solar PV systems for your home or business. We're always up-to-date with the latest solar news for your benefit. By 2020 the British solar industry is set to power 18 million homes, create 50,000 jobs and generate £75bn for the U.K economy. On top of this, the Centre for Economics [...]
  • Keeping an Energy Efficient Kitchen

    The kitchen. A busy place for all households; it’s full of energy hungry appliances that can do devastating things to your energy bills. Not to worry though, here at Green Pulse Energy, we’re full of helpful little tips that could save you heaps. We've whipped up a guide crammed with information on running an energy [...]
  • 10 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    We’ve put together a list of 10 things you can do easily and cheaply to reduce your carbon footprint. These 10 things together can significantly lower your energy bills and make you and your home greener! Green Pulse Energy design, supply and install Solar PV systems for your home or business.
  • 10 Reasons to Go Solar

    Green Pulse Energy design, supply and install Solar PV systems for your home or business. We’re asked a lot about the benefits of having solar installed and the future prospects it brings. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 facts of solar to help you make an informed decision.
  • Solar PV When Cloudy

    A question we are asked a lot from people toying with the idea of having solar panels fitted is (not surprisingly being in the UK!) “What happens when it rains or when it’s cloudy?” Now we are moving away from our “summer months”, it’s best to explain what happens when the sun isn’t seen quite as […]
  • New Website Launched

    It’s here! We’ve launched our brand new website offering vital information on renewable energy systems available from Green Pulse Energy. Our website is fully responsive, which means that you can access it seamlessly on all devices including mobiles and tablets. We’ve also introduced a “Live Chat” feature which is manned by our staff from 9:00am-6:00pm […]

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