Tesla’s New Storage and Battery System Storms the World

Tesla Motors Inc. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk Unveils New Generation Of Batteries

The Powerwall by Tesla

Over the past few weeks Tesla, renowned for their stesla-powerwall-garage_wide-tylish and sought after cars, have revealed their first steps into the world of energy and storage. And what big steps they are. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been at the forefront of the unveiling for his company’s new battery/storage systems, the powerwall, which come in two sizes, 10kWh or 7kWh. What’s more the prices for each system, $3,500 and $3000 respectively, have been something of a nice surprise.

Musk is Setting a High Bar

Of course, Tesla’s designs conform with their renowned Tesla Motors Inc. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk Unveils New Generation Of Batteriessleek and shiny styles that are so prominent in their cars. Musk has also stuck to tradition, with his bold statements he has set his sights high for Tesla’s new energy prospects, saying he wants global sales of the systems to “fundamental change the way the world uses energy”. And it would seem his words are starting to ring true ever so slightly, with the demand for the systems filling orders for mid 2016.

tesla-powerwall-2Both units are designed to co-exist with domestic solar energy systems and do-away with problems regarding solar panel’s inability to produce energy after sundown. The systems would be able to store massive amounts of energy, more than enough to cater for a domestic system, which can be used when solar panels cannot produce energy.

Although it would be near impossible at this stage for the powerwall to reduce grid reliance to zero percent, it would mean reliance on the grid in peak times would collapse dramatically and in turn hopefully reduce overall reliance on dirty fossil fuel usage.


tesla-gigafactory-nevadaIn fact, the quick generation of popularity in the powerwall systems means that Tesla’s gigafacotry in Nevada, which until recently looked like it could shut down before it was opened, could now be dedicated to the manufacturing of battery systems and nothing else.



With the powerwall being released first in America and then to the rest of the world, it’s success will depend very heavily on its popularity in places where tariffs for solar energy are in place, such as the U.K. With this in mind it would surely be beneficial for Tesla’s new powerwall to be released in countries with solar incentives in place as quick as possible.